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North Ayrshire Beekeepers Association Constitution


The Association shall be called ‘North Ayrshire Beekeepers Association’


(a) To promote beekeeping along modern and efficient lines and encourage all those interested in beekeeping, bees and related matters.

(b) To provide education and training through the promotion of lectures, discussions, practical demonstrations and beekeeping exhibits in the local community.

(c) To promote, develop and conserve bee friendly habitat in the local environment for the benefit of bees.


(a) Any person interested in beekeeping may become a member on payment of the annual subscription.

(b) Membership of the Association shall be withdrawn from any member whose annual subscription remains unpaid by 30th June of the same year.


(a) The Executive shall consist of the Chair; Secretary; Treasurer and up to two ordinary members.

(b) All Executive committee members shall be elected at the AGM annually, for a term of one year and shall thereafter be eligible for re-election.

(c) In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Executive committee, a member may be co-opted to fill the position until the date of the next AGM.

(d) Candidates for election to the Executive committee must be nominated by one member and seconded by another. Nominations may be given to the Secretary, or may be made verbally at an AGM. If there are multiple nominations for any position then a ballot of the members shall be made.

(e) A quorum for an Executive meeting shall be three.

(f) The Executive shall have the following responsibilities:  To organise the dates of General meetings  To organise the annual programme of: speakers; events; outings and business affairs of the Association  To appoint such sub-committees as may be deemed desirable in the interest of the Association.  It may cancel the membership of anyone whose continued connections with the Association would, in its opinion, be detrimental to its interests.


(a) The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in January

(b) At least fourteen days notice shall be given to members of the Association stating the time and place of the meeting and the agenda of business to be transacted.

(c) The quorum for an AGM shall be one quarter of the total membership or 6 persons; whichever is the greater.

(d) The Chair shall have the casting vote.

(e) The business to be transacted shall be: 1. The adoption of the Minutes of the previous AGM and any matters arising. 2. The presentation of reports from the Secretary and Treasurer. 3. The adoption of Accounts and the fixing of membership subscriptions for the ensuing year. 4. The election of Office Bearers. 5. Any other competent business.

Extraordinary General meeting

(a) An EGM shall be convened by the Executive within twenty eight days of receipt, by the Secretary, of a written request by one third of the members; or at the instigation of the Executive. The request must state in full detail, the purpose of the meeting, which shall be the sole agenda for the meeting.

(b) The EGM shall be called and conducted in accordance with the rules of an AGM.

(c) Voting shall be on the basis of a simple majority except in regard to an amendment to the Constitution or the dissolution of the Association when a majority of at least two thirds of members present shall be required.

(d) In the event of an EGM being called with proposals to change the constitution, the membership will be given 14 days notice of the meeting including details of any proposals to change the constitution.


(a) The financial year shall commence on the first day of January each year, when all subscriptions shall become due.

(b) The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of monies received and spent and these records shall be independently examined annually by a suitably qualified person nominated at the AGM. Scottish Beekeepers’ Association North Ayrshire Beekeepers Association shall be affiliated with the Scottish Beekeepers’ Association. Juveniles Those under eighteen years of age may become members on payment of half fees, with all the privileges of the Association. Alteration of the Constitution The Constitution shall be altered only at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting and then only by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present. Notice of any proposed alterations must be in the hands of the secretary not less than four weeks before the date of the Meeting and must be given to members on the notice calling the Meeting. In the event of an EGM being called with proposals to change the constitution, the Secretary will endeavour to organise the meeting within 28 days. The membership will then be given 14 days notice of the meeting including details of any proposals to change the constitution.


(a) The Association may be dissolved by at least two thirds majority of members present at an EGM or AGM for which the relevant period of notice is given, stating the terms of the proposal to dissolve.

(b) Any assets remaining after the settlement of any debts and liabilities shall be given to such other recognised charitable organisations or organisations that have objectives similar to those of the Association, as the Executive may determine.

(c) In the event that no meetings take place for a period of 12 months, the remaining Executive may dissolve the Association at its discretion.

This constitution was adopted by the members at the AGM held at West Kilbride Village Hall, Arthur Street, West Kilbride KA23 9EN on 19th February 2014

Signed: __________________________________________________________ Chair

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Signed: __________________________________________________________ Secretary

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

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